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The Caped Crusader


No matter how old we become, superheroes are always going to be listed in our ultimate favourites. As a kid, we were fascinated by their hoods and capes, while today we are fascinated with their powers, which are enhanced every now and then with state-of-the-art technology.

Of the many caped dudes and dudettes (way too many to name), the most impressive and dynamic one who etched his image wherever his presence was felt is BATMAN. With the alter ego, Bruce Wayne, he till date is known for his dark aura, flamboyant-style of combat and speeding (as seen in The Dark Knight). What a man!

If you’re wondering why suddenly, I’m yapping about the world’s greatest detective, then let me tell you – The Bat-Man (original name) made his first appearance in May 1939 in Detective Comics #27 and since then has been published in a plethora of comics, movies and TV series.

One copy of Detective Comics #27 was sold for $1,075,000 in an auction in February 2010.

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, his notable aliases were Matches Malone, Sir Hemingford Grey, Mordecai Wayne and The Insider. This masked man is considered to be on the top of the league in comparison to his counterparts. His genius-level intellect coupled with martial arts, computer hacking, photographic memory and sharp observational skills, makes him a terror for all his enemies.

A die-hard fan, I decided to dedicate this month’s (read MAY) first post to this superhero. Below are posters of films where Batman was a part of the star cast…

Batman (1966)

Batman (1989)

Batman Returns (1992)

Batman Forever (1995)

Batman and Robin (1997)

Batman Begins (2005)

The Dark Knight (2008) *Graphic Poster

Forthcoming Title…

It’s the beginning of the end…

The third installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series – Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008)The Dark Knight Rises will end the journey for the very-talented helmer and Christian Bale who had donned the role of the cape crusader. For Batfans (like me), it is definitely sad news as both had saved Batman from fading away.

The Dark Knight Rises is out on July 20, 2012