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Click. Click. Click.


With everything being so digitalised today, black and white pictures instantly send you to an era that has been long forgotten. Well, for me, till date nothing is more appealing and impactful than a black and white picture. You don’t need any photoshop or the most recent smartphone app ‘Instagram’. What is out there is captured in the frame as it is.

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”
― Ted Grant

Back when I was in college studying photography, we were forced to start our module with B&W photography. Like young enthusiasts we cribbed (of course), but slowly fell in love with camera rolls so much that didn’t want to ever replace them with coloured ones in the next semester. Oh yes, we didn’t learn on digital SLRs, but instead bought rolls and fixed them in the sockets of our out-dated (as you would like to call now!) cameras. However, we loved those bulky cameras, and simply loved going click, click, click…

Below are few photographs that I randomly picked from my absolutely favourite portal – Google. These pictures don’t only attract with their frame setting, but has a message too in them.

P.S. You may come across few other exceptionally well-clicked ones, but hey, it’s my blog and this is my selection 😛

© Nobuyuki Taguchi

© Harald Bildner

© Lucian Olteanu

© Carmelo Eramo

© Sylvain Lagarde

© Velvet Palette



© Mikko Lagerstedt

© Elliott Erwitt

© WWWest

Below is the picture that made me do this post… Ulyana Sergeenko photographed by StyleTao after Jean-Paul Gaultier Couture show. Honestly, this is one of the best clicks I’ve come across recently.

Thanks for stopping by! ❤


The Caped Crusader


No matter how old we become, superheroes are always going to be listed in our ultimate favourites. As a kid, we were fascinated by their hoods and capes, while today we are fascinated with their powers, which are enhanced every now and then with state-of-the-art technology.

Of the many caped dudes and dudettes (way too many to name), the most impressive and dynamic one who etched his image wherever his presence was felt is BATMAN. With the alter ego, Bruce Wayne, he till date is known for his dark aura, flamboyant-style of combat and speeding (as seen in The Dark Knight). What a man!

If you’re wondering why suddenly, I’m yapping about the world’s greatest detective, then let me tell you – The Bat-Man (original name) made his first appearance in May 1939 in Detective Comics #27 and since then has been published in a plethora of comics, movies and TV series.

One copy of Detective Comics #27 was sold for $1,075,000 in an auction in February 2010.

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, his notable aliases were Matches Malone, Sir Hemingford Grey, Mordecai Wayne and The Insider. This masked man is considered to be on the top of the league in comparison to his counterparts. His genius-level intellect coupled with martial arts, computer hacking, photographic memory and sharp observational skills, makes him a terror for all his enemies.

A die-hard fan, I decided to dedicate this month’s (read MAY) first post to this superhero. Below are posters of films where Batman was a part of the star cast…

Batman (1966)

Batman (1989)

Batman Returns (1992)

Batman Forever (1995)

Batman and Robin (1997)

Batman Begins (2005)

The Dark Knight (2008) *Graphic Poster

Forthcoming Title…

It’s the beginning of the end…

The third installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series – Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008)The Dark Knight Rises will end the journey for the very-talented helmer and Christian Bale who had donned the role of the cape crusader. For Batfans (like me), it is definitely sad news as both had saved Batman from fading away.

The Dark Knight Rises is out on July 20, 2012

Facebook Timeline Autopsied…


To be honest, I was hooked to FB, in fact I am still, but day after day it’s becoming a crowded place where lanky asses (not including many of us!) like to show-off the world how happy their miserable lives are; where app requests bombard the notifications making our lives hell (Smartphone users will definitely know what I mean) and where girls get jealous seeing their guys poking, liking and commenting on other irrelevant girls profiles.

So, seeing all this I’m slowly moving away from this virtual world, which has nearly killed my real world. However, I do agree it helps me with work info, and friends’ updates (who have got married, who is having babies and who went from “in a relationship” to “single”). But then again, it has ruined the fun of calling friends, chatting for hours on the phone and pulling their leg on their new crush.

FB is slowly going from good to bad and what made it even more painful was the launch of Timeline. Out of temptation, I too clicked on the ‘Publish Now’ button and totally hate it now. This is why:

  • Cover Photo: So we select the creepiest pictures to show the world how bloody cool our thoughts are. And I say ‘world’, because it is made public – not only your friends, but also friends of friends, exes and the whole FB jing-bang can see it. Dammit.
  • Profile Picture: It’s the size of a passport picture. What the hell? And who bloody looks nice in a passport shot? Okay, your pic can be a full shot, mid shot or knee-length shot, but all will appear the size of a passport pic – making it even worse as now you look like a midget (no offense, please).
  • Wall Posts: When on someone’s profile, the posts appear in two columns, where you keep moving your eyes from left to right, right to left, left to right and so on. It was much easier when your eyes were just fixed at the centre of the page and you simply kept scrolling down the page. That aside, pictures automatically get cropped, if it’s bigger than the box size. So to view the entire shot, you are forced to click on the picture – too much effort.
  • History (Year-wise): So, once upon a time I wrote a drunken status, bitching about my gf that she somehow missed out on (as she’s nice who doesn’t keep a tab on my updates), but can “now” see every like, and read every comment made on it. WTF!!! Are you serious? I don’t want to tell people and let myself know too, what I wrote as a status zillion years ago. But no, this year-wise history just about reveals every dirtiest secret of ours – from our status updates to who wrote what on our wall. I mean, come on I was single that time, but now I’m committed.
  • Settings: This problem started from the day FB geniuses decided to change the settings of ‘Privacy Settings’, making our life so complicated. With Timeline, it just got much more complicated. *Phew*

    P.S. After reading this, don’t blame me for making you hate the timeline now.

Photo Courtesy:

Will she still dig red roses?


I know V-Day was a week back, but then you don’t need only  ‘a’ particular day to celebrate love. She has the right to be loved every single day, pampered every minute and surprised with flowers and gifts at regular intervals (or actually just whenever you feel like swiping your MasterCard!).

P.S. Though being a girl, I hate flowers – Yes, you heard it right! I feel bad for the poor creatures who were once blooming and are now lying dead in some trash can.

That Awkward Moment.


I’m sure you all will agree that every one of us is a victim of ‘That Awkward Moment’. There are umpteen moments on a day-to-day basis that leave us zapped, speechless and embarrassed.

Just like you guys, I’m not perfect and get embarrassed when I do something wrong in front of my friends, when I bump into my ex’s girlfriend or when my crush asks me who is the guy (This one happened recently!)… and so on. These are moments when we want to run away and hide in our rooms. But then remember, they are temporary and fade away faster than they come! So like me, enjoy them and laugh out loud when discussing it with your girlies.

Would you like to share a laugh with me? Here are few ‘That Awkward Moment’ posters that I randomly selected from the Internet…

Fashion Spotlight: Ulyana Sergeenko


This week, the fashion spotlight is on the Russian photographer, designer, part-time model and Fashion Editor of Glamour magazine (Russia). For the past few months, she has been poppping up in almost every ‘fashion’ search for her immaculate style and since then I have been sheepishly stalking her.

It was her debut collection that first caught my attention and from there I was instantly directed to her personal blog ( and FB page ( From her work and styling, I must tell you, what a talented ‘lady’ she is.

Frankly, more than her own designs, it was her personal style quotient and poses that fascinated me. Voluminous skirts paired with sheer-lacy tops, 50s/Audrey Hepburn-style wrap scarf teamed with a dress, or (as simple as) a white shirt tucked in high-waisted wide leg trousers – Ulyana beautifully juxtaposes the old Hollywood-esque fashion with the 21st century contemporary designs.

One might complain that she is a billionaire’s wife and thus has access to the best fashion labels in the world. But, then we can’t buy fashion sense. And let’s not forget, we have plenty other millionaire (and billionaire) wifeys’ who walk around looking like a trash bag. Bleh!

From my observation, Ulyana loves to accentuate her unique doll-like beauty with accessories. Like any other ‘girl’ we see her tick-tocking in high heels. But it’s her headgears that are always a topic of discussion. Though, she is blessed with beautiful long tresses, she loves to hide them under a big hat. Also, from what I’ve heard, she is famous for her extremely lady-like walk, which is full of grace and poise.

While one day you’ll see her floating around in a long gown, the very next day, you’ll see her pictures in a mini. It’s her continuous changing up that keeps everyone interested. Not a slave of trends, for me she is a mix of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe with a hint of SJP.

Ulyana after Jean Paul Gaultier Couture l Paris