Will she still dig red roses?


I know V-Day was a week back, but then you don’t need only  ‘a’ particular day to celebrate love. She has the right to be loved every single day, pampered every minute and surprised with flowers and gifts at regular intervals (or actually just whenever you feel like swiping your MasterCard!).

P.S. Though being a girl, I hate flowers – Yes, you heard it right! I feel bad for the poor creatures who were once blooming and are now lying dead in some trash can.


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Fashionably Geek will prodigiously juxtapose well-written articles, dishevelled thoughts and an assorted mix of other topics that catch my fancy. It will (most certainly) introduce you to the latest happenings and bring to you anything and everything under the sun. You like my post... feel free to comment. You don't like my post... "still" feel free to comment. Ideas to improvise are always welcomed. I'm one person who believes, learning is an integral part of our life and will be attached to us till the very end of our journey. A full-time Journo, I'm the Resident Drama Queen (as my boss calls me) of FHM Magazine. I write, yap and throw tantrums, being the only girl in the team.

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