That Awkward Moment.


I’m sure you all will agree that every one of us is a victim of ‘That Awkward Moment’. There are umpteen moments on a day-to-day basis that leave us zapped, speechless and embarrassed.

Just like you guys, I’m not perfect and get embarrassed when I do something wrong in front of my friends, when I bump into my ex’s girlfriend or when my crush asks me who is the guy (This one happened recently!)… and so on. These are moments when we want to run away and hide in our rooms. But then remember, they are temporary and fade away faster than they come! So like me, enjoy them and laugh out loud when discussing it with your girlies.

Would you like to share a laugh with me? Here are few ‘That Awkward Moment’ posters that I randomly selected from the Internet…


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Fashionably Geek will prodigiously juxtapose well-written articles, dishevelled thoughts and an assorted mix of other topics that catch my fancy. It will (most certainly) introduce you to the latest happenings and bring to you anything and everything under the sun. You like my post... feel free to comment. You don't like my post... "still" feel free to comment. Ideas to improvise are always welcomed. I'm one person who believes, learning is an integral part of our life and will be attached to us till the very end of our journey. A full-time Journo, I'm the Resident Drama Queen (as my boss calls me) of FHM Magazine. I write, yap and throw tantrums, being the only girl in the team.

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