Monthly Archives: March 2011

Beating The Summer Heat!


As we are about to hit the peak of summer and going to come across soaring temperatures, it is time to give our wardrobe a facelift. Going by the trend reports, last year mini dresses and skirts ruled the ramp stating it as the fashion to be followed for summers. This year, however long-flowing “Maxi Dresses” have been crowned as the winner – a style that will allow any lady to look chic and classy, attractive and fun. Stay in vogue with summers must have fashion!

They can be worn by anyone, whether tall or short as the trademark of these dresses are: One size fits all! And trust me, when I, all of 5’1” can wear it, then anyone can wear them. Although, one needs to be smart enough to chose the right shape and fit. For instance, a petite figure should ideally opt for empire line maxis with stylish A-line cuts, while some standing tall at/above 5’5” can select from umpteen shapes and styles.

What’s more – maxi dress can be perfect for any occasion. From casual to dressy to classy and sophisticated, all kind of appearances can be attained by this versatile dress. Depending on the design, one can accessorise it with the chunky jewellery, colourful handbags and funky chappals. And with the entire colour palette available, this apparel can make the racks of your closet glisten apart from keeping it up-to-the-minute.

Fill the summer days with floral or artistic geometric patterns which look adorable in a long flowing maxi. But remember when purchasing it, know your body shape and select the style that will make you look statuesque. Small and less busy prints are favoured over large gaudy designs. Short/petite women should stay far away from gypsy style maxi dresses as they further shorten your height. Slightly body-hugging maxis paired with high heels are great for beautiful womanly figures, while flats are the most appropriate shoes for taller females.

Whilst preparing for the hard-hitting summer that is just around the corner, I have already stocked my almirah with two (though eyeing many more) gorgeous looking maxis in sap green and white. Besides they are worth every moolah.

Get trendy this summer… go grab an elegant maxi and look chic!